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Fake IRS Letters | Rice County, Minnesota

September 20, 2018

Over the past couple of days, my office has received phone calls and clients stopping in with a letter from the IRS. While this is fairly normal, these particular letters are, in fact, completely fake. For one, the letter asks for a BLANK money order of $5,000 within ten business days. The IRS would not ask for something like this and definitely not in such a short time frame. It states that if you don’t comply and pay them, then they will close your Business EIN. This is NOT something that they could or would do. To top it all off, it says DO NOT contact the IRS because it won’t help your case. Really? … The IRS deemed you owe them money and you can’t call them?! Of course they wouldn’t want anyone to contact the real IRS because they are a SCAM! Currently it appears that these scammers are only focused on businesses but we want to make sure that our clients are aware—in case they target individuals next. If you received a letter like this and wish to report it to the IRS, call their Criminal Investigation line: 800-829-0433. Or feel free to call or stop in to my office if you’re unsure whether you received a real letter or a fake.

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