Retired with Estimate Tax Payments | Rice County, Minnesota

Q:  My retired neighbor tells me that he has to make payments to the state of Minnesota four times a year.  How can that be? A: He is making estimated tax payments because the balance he owed Minnesota in 2018 was more that $500.  Minnesota requires that you pay quarterly estimated tax payments–if you don’t […]

Financial Help Tips | Southern Minnesota

Things to Think of When You Need Financial Help! No matter if you’re married, divorced or widowed.  A farmer or business owner.  A person trying to sell their business or starting a new one.  A recent college graduate or a retiree.  Someone planning to retire in 20 years or 2 months.  You need financial advice–so […]

I’m Still Working. What’s My RMD? | Southern Minnesota

I get this question frequently.  Many of us are looking at working beyond the age of 70 1/2.  What required distributions (RMDs) do you have to take if you continue working? If you are participating in the retirement plan where you work, and–if the plan allows–you do not have to take any RMD from that […]