Filing Taxes for Kids | Southern MN

Q:  My kids, ages 12 & 14, both worked this year.  Do I have to file taxes for them-they hardly had any withholding?

A:  Well, that depends on exactly how much money they made.  If, in 2016, you are claiming them on your tax return as your dependent, and they earned more than $6,300 working–yes, they are required to file, no matter the amount of withholding that they had withheld.  If, however your kids were older, and you were not claiming them on your tax return, then they could earn $10, 350 before they are required to file.  But, usually, you want to file just to get any Federal or Minnesota withholding back that they have had withheld.  For more tax information on this, or any other tax question, please call our office.