Child Tax Credit | Southern Minnesota

Q:  How come when I filed my taxes this year, I only got a $3,000 child tax credit–when I have 3 kids?  They are 14, 17 and 18?  They radio told me I get $2,000 per child!  What did I do wrong?

A:  First of all, you didn’t do anything wrong.  The $2,000 child tax credit is only for your children under the age of 17.  So, for you 14 year old, you received $2,000 and for your kids that are 17 and 18, you get a $500 dependent tax credit thereby totaling the $3,000 that you received.  The new $500 credit is for each qualifying relative that you can claim on your tax return.  However, this tax credit phases out at $400,000 for married couples filing a joint return, and $200,000 for all other tax payers.  The phase-out means that the tax credit is reduced as your income increases.  For more information on the new tax law changes, please feel free to contact our office.

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