2012 Corporate Tax Returns Deadline

2012 Corporate Tax Returns are due September 16, 2013! This means that 2012 Personal Tax Returns are due by October 15, 2013. There are no extensions beyond this point. Please bring in your 2012 tax information and we can get those done for you. For Help with your taxes contact Sandy Flom at 507-333-3973 or use our … Read more

2012 Property Tax Refund

Is it too late to file my 2012 Property Tax Refund? The filing due date to file for a 2012 Property Tax Refund is August 15, 2013.  While the due date to file is August 15, homeowners & renters have an additional 1 year to claim the 2012 refund, which means taxpayers still have until … Read more

New Website for Faribault CPA

Sandy Wenker is pleased to launch my updated website www.faribaultcpa.com.  My website features information on: Bookkeeping – we can do your monthly bookkeeping so that we can solve your bookkeeping problems & you can continue to work in your business. Payroll – we can relieve you of the compliance issues associated with doing in house … Read more