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2013 Tax Returns | School Deductions | Southern Minnesota

With all the money I have spent getting ready for school, is any of it taxable? It all depends on your income. You may be eligible to claim the K-12 education substration and/or education credit on your Minnesota tax return. Here are a few expenses that qualify: text books, pens, pencils, notebooks, folders, tutoring or […]

2012 Corporate Tax Returns Deadline

2012 Corporate Tax Returns are due September 16, 2013! This means that 2012 Personal Tax Returns are due by October 15, 2013. There are no extensions beyond this point. Please bring in your 2012 tax information and we can get those done for you. For Help with your taxes contact Sandy Flom at 507-333-3973 or use our […]

2013 Tax Rates | Southern Minnesota

ARE YOU AWARE OF HOW THE NEW TAX RATES ARE GOING TO AFFECT YOU?  What are your taxes going to look like in 2013?  If you earn more than $200,000 your taxes will go up substantial with the new taxes that Obama added this year. Additional Medicare Surcharge of 3.8%  on UNEARNED INCOME — Applies […]